Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Few More Odds and Ends

When I begin writing a new book it takes a while but eventually my study subtly transforms.  One pile of books becomes another pile of books.  The books I have on my desk, the ones I need closest to me, change.  (Although The Stream of Life by C.L. is always always there).  The music I listen to changes.  There is a little less dust on the shelves as I wander about nervous and ecstatic and strange, moving this, arranging that, dusting dusting.  I change photographs in the frames I have hanging to the left of my desk.  And recently, I had the idea to hang my small purse collection over the very old red velvet chair I have in the corner.  In short, the clutter morphs.

What I love is sinking into a new project.  Conducting obscure research.  Filling out ILL forms.  Tracking down odd bits of information.  Taking note of everything that pops into my head.  Last week I was describing the attire of one of the characters and I found myself thinking about Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, the 'interpretive dance scene' and pretty soon I was watching this.  All in the name of research. 

I keep thinking I need to change something, change myself.  But maybe I'm just going to let things happen, you know, just like this room changes, one small stack of books at a time.  I'm looking for something honest (inspired by this post, I think).  What happens when you give yourself permission to fling, really fling, that mass of odds and ends without looking them through?  Sounds so simple but it's crazy difficult.

Lately I've been trying to look at the world around me as closely as possible.  To attend.  And part of this, for me, means taking photographs.  I'm not bad, but I'm not great.  Ten minutes on Flickr looking at the amazing images that people post puts me in my place.  But it is immensely gratifying.  I find the process sparks me, opens me up for writing, puts me in the right creative groove.  I've recently discovered Flickriver which is a nice space to show one's photos.  I don't own photoshop (would like to - and learn how to use it) so these are all mostly un-edited. 

One last flinging:  I'll be reading this coming Friday, April 23rd at the Edmonton Poetry Festival.  I was feeling like a fraud, reading at this event, because I haven't written anything poem-like in say, 5 years.  But I was moved by this invitation to write a sort of essay/ekphrastic poem and am looking forward to airing it out on Friday.  I'm also looking forward  to listening to many of the visiting poets and seeing them in person rather than just on Facebook!

How Fragile We Are

Thinking of showing this blog some more love. 

Of how fragile we are

Thinking about re-invention. About creative excess.  About images, text.  About revealing things, too much, too little.  About what is meaningful, real. 

I'm thinking about turning the comments back on. 

I'm still thinking about purses.  Handbags.