Thursday, January 7, 2010


I've been mulling over the direction that this blog might take, including ending it.  Interestingly, I've recently noticed that a few blogs I follow have posted their last posts in the last week or so.  Even when not posting regularly, which I've not been, there is a sort of pull - blog-guilt, if you will.  Meanwhile, Facebook is taking up entirely too much time.  (You can imagine what my new year's resolution is with regards to FB...)  I turned the comments off here a while back because I was getting spammed with ads for purses, go figure. 

For now, I've decided to put the blog into limbo - it's here, but for the time being will only be rarely added to.  I have one manuscript searching for a publisher, and two books that I've begun researching.  (I'll see which one emerges as the larger obsession).  What I'm finding is that I'm not reading nearly enough!  So many wonderful books calling to me - most of them from the to-read piles on the floor of my study! 

I'll still be checking in on my fave blogs.  I've also started posting pics on Flickr.  Have always found the process of taking photos to be helpful to my writing process.  Hope you have a productive year doing the things that inspire.....