Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Utility Corridor, part two

Thanks to a dog who doesn't seem to feel the cold at all, I've been out walking in the corridor nearly every day this winter, even in extreme weather. The colder the weather, the more likely that one finds oneself alone.

Mornings, the field is full of (usually) women walking dogs. We have dropped our kids off at school and then walk the dogs before burying ourselves in whatever work awaits. We watch the dogs racing around together, pretending to hunt the partridges that hide in the low spots, and we talk and we notice the various gradations of blue, how high the sun is, how warm.

The wind is always higher in the field, blowing over the paths in the field quite often, so that one becomes accustomed to trudging.

The sky can be many things all at once. The photos above and below were taken on the same walk, only minutes apart.

A winter view of the church across the highway.

Clouds, seemingly on a collision course.

Someone in the distance walking a dog. We never meet.

The tracks across the snow, the line of the fence, the power lines, and then two faint human shadows stretching out.

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