Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Capacious Project - Anne Simpson

Anne Simpson is a writer and artist who lives just outside Antigonish, Nova Scotia, with her family. She writes poetry (Light Falls Through You, Loop, Quick), and she also writes fiction (Canterbury Beach and Falling). In 2004, she won the Griffin Poetry Prize. At the moment, she is working on a book of essays about poetry and art to be published in the spring of 2009 with Gaspereau Press. She loves the idea of the Capacious Hold-All and wishes Shawna would also start a blog about Capacious Capes.

The capacious hold-all that I'm thinking about is an imaginary bag, purse, pouch, or pocket... It would have to be on the large side. It could be made of soft, dark velvet and embroidered with birches and white pines and wild rose bushes, with only the rose hips still hanging (like miniature lanterns) on the branches, deep red oak leaves, coppery beech leaves, and maybe a crescent moon (like the one I saw last night) and a scattering of stars that show up in November. I thought about having this imaginary bag when I was travelling in October; and, like Mary Poppins, I wanted to be able to pull out various items of furniture (maybe a bed, lamp, comfy chair, hooked rug, and pile of books). This bag would also have to contain a spiral staircase. I haven't decided whether the spiral staircase would remain inside the bag (in order for me to make myself very small so I could go up and down hunting for things: "Where did I put the gum? "Why don't I just duct tape the keys to my forehead?") or whether it would be something I could take out of the bag. I think every woman needs at least one spiral staircase hidden inside her capacious hold-all.

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