Thursday, September 11, 2008

Capacious Project - K.I. Press

K.I. Press is a Winnipeg writer originally from Alberta. Her most recent book is Types of Canadian Women and of Women Who Are or Have Been Related to Canada, Volume II (Gaspereau Press, 2006). She has a golden retriever and teaches at Red River College. As a course instructor, she is working on becoming even more absent-minded than before. The website she has not updated for over a year is

My bags are a bit like my brains. I look around the cloakroom and see at least five hanging around, big ones and small ones, practical schoolbookish ones and frivolous partiers. A walk further afield reveals more in the living room, more in the bedroom, maybe even one hanging on a peg on the wall in the kitchen, and some spare ones in the damp basement of the soul where winter thoughts are stored. A girl needs a brain for every season and for every jacket and pair of shoes that go therewith. The most important question often becomes: in which brain did I leave my wallet and keys? There is the rub indeed.

Opening each brain to peer inside will usually reveal a motley array of detritus. So far I have only dared activate one brain at a time. The out-of-use ones spew ancient receipts and bus transfers, granola bar crumbs, loose change, petrified lip gloss, old tissues, fuzzy cough drops, spare tampons, yellow stickies bearing now-incomprehensible messages, maybe a bunched-up sweater, gloves or pantyhose, and one of the many pens which have been used once, straight out of the box, before getting swallowed up never to be heard from again until this very minute. Occasionally I come across a surprise memory—a business card from years ago or a ticket stub to a concert I’d forgotten about—that the brain was storing away among the rubble so I could find it later and wax soggy just for a second before stuffing it back inside because I am too lazy to file it.

Lately, alas, I have been using my schoolish brain, full of books and laptops and pockets of cables and batteries and apples. Yes, apples. The apples are for me. This brain is, beyond doubt, capacious, but as a result, very heavy and unstylish. It may ruin my health. There is only so much I can take before being drawn back to some something paisley. It’s fall after all and a slight brown paisley may be just the thing.

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