Saturday, July 5, 2008

Power of the Reticule

This image is from an older post titled "The Reticule: A Fashionable Accessory in the Regency Period" on the Jane Austen's World blog. Some good links there too. In the book Handbags: The Power of the Purse by Anna Johnson there's a photograph of a satchel that may have belonged to Jane Austen herself. The caption to the photo of this cerulean blue, netted, beribboned delicacy reads, "Jane Austen was handy with a needle, making several little bags for members of her family and often embroidering them with her own witticisms. This bag came from the estate of her brother Edward Austen Knight - whether it was one of Jane's remains a mystery." I for one would love to know what her bag looked like. For that matter, what sort of handbag did Virginia Woolf carry? Elizabeth Smart? Clarice Lispector? Burning questions.

Godey's 1855 revisited - crochet your purse with hat to match featured in Hiawatha instruction booklet, 1954.

This photograph is lifted from the blog post titled: "Please Don't Ridicule My Reticule! Purses from Clutch to Lug." I'm ever so fond of the sideways glance.